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The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation,
by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston
(Hyperion, 1995)
Written by the ultimate Disney insiders, this "bible" of animation is the definitive account of the development of Disney animation. Reveals the process that sets the work of the Disney studios apart from other animation products. Includes original sketches of Disney characters and explains how memorable movie sequences were made. Full-color throughout. Order this book.

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Animation From Script To Screen,
by Shamus Culhane
(St. Martin's Press, 1990)
This "hands-on" book is not for browsers: it's for those who are serious about preparing for a career in animation. Explains how an animation studio works, explores the history of the production process,  and shows how to perfect your technique. Full of exercises that require you to work to learn. Order this book.

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A Bug's Life: The Art and Making of An Epic of Miniature Proportions,
by Jeff Kurtti
(Hyperion, 1998)
Chock full of striking illustrations, this collector's edition provides an inside look at how this state-of-the-art animated film from Pixar (makers of "Toy Story") was created. Order this book.

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Understanding Animation,
by Paul Wellis
(Routledge, 1998)
A good fundamental guide to film animation, narrative stategies, issues in representation, audience analysis and much more. Order this book.


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