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"Life is tough. Three out of three people die,
so shut up and deal."

-- Ring Lardner

17. You'll be dead soon.
You meet someone at a party who works in a business you'd give your eye teeth to work in. The next day you recall the encounter, you smile, and you get back to that report you were writing.

An idea has been simmering in the back of your mind about an article you'd like to write for a professional publication. There's no time to do the research it would require, so you go to lunch.

A client compliments you on the work you've done for her, suggests you'd make a great addition to her team, smiles and walks off. You proudly tell your friends and explain how influential your client is, then you order another beer and kick back.

The department down the hall is short of help while completing work on a new product line for your company. If you had time to help them out, it could pave the way to a promotion, but your phone rings and you get back to your job.

Put a few years of wishful thinking between each of the opportunities in the life described above, and you'll understand "where it all went".

Whether it's in fifty years, or twenty or five, we'll all be dead soon. So, what choices did you make today?





























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