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19. Don't be a cow.
A friend of mine claims that 80% of people are cows. They stand around chewing their cud. They all look and act alike -- you couldn't tell that any one of them has a thought of its own. Nothing seems to motivate them. They surprise no one, least of all themselves. Cars whiz right by at amazing speeds; cows don't even look up. When you push them, they go wherever you want them to. Or, they just follow the herd, mindlessly ploddling along. It's rumored that when they're sleeping, you can tip them over. (I believe it.)

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Cows lead boring, uneventful lives. And they couldn't care less. They follow the unspoken cow rules. In the end, they're led to the slaughter.

After a manager has interviewed 80 or 100 job candidates, he comes to the conclusion that my friend is right. That's why managers so often move on to the next job candidate.

Don't be a cow.

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