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24. Don't get fired Day #1.
The company gave you a great offer, a fine title and a corner office with a window. What's not to like? Get ready to gag...

On Day #1 on the job:

  1. You may be required to produce a pay stub from your last job. Rather not? That might be grounds for automatic termination.
  2. You may be required to sign a very restrictive non-compete agreement. Rather not? Empty your desk.
  3. Your employment may be subject to a urinalysis. Rather not "give"? You must be hiding something. Bye.
  4. The employee manual, which lots of companies won't show you until your first day, may require you to turn over all your sales accounts (that you brought with you) to another sales rep. Rather not? See ya later.

Your written job offer didn't mention any of this? Too bad. You didn't ask.

So, next time, ask...

This article has been truncated... But you can still learn...
what to do when an employer hits you
with one of the surprises listed above.


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