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Your real competition isn't some job hunter off the street. It's the candidate who was coached by The Headhunter. Use The Headhunter's insider perspective to your advantage; don't let it sneak up and bite you!

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2. Competitive job hunters lose.
Remember when Harrison Ford faced a frighteningly talented swordsman in one of the Indiana Jones movies? He declined to compete. Instead, Ford whipped out his sidearm and blew the sucker away.

The lesson? Never compete when you're job hunting; you'll probably lose.

In today's world of scanners and key words, everyone is relying too much on one weapon: the resume.

Want that job? Don't wave a lame piece of paper like everyone else does. Marshal your talents, prepare a live presentation and sidestep your way past the human resources equipment and past the competition. The person who shows he can do the job first, wins.

Competitive job hunters lose.


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