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32. Jobs aren't hot; people are.

It makes no sense to pursue ďhot jobsĒ. Just because a career is hot doesnít mean itís for you. And just because itís hot doesnít mean it will burn long and bright.

When you chase a hot job, youíre following a pack of opportunists. While some of you may get a big salary and a nice job, you will never be as successful as those people who hold this kind of job because they love it. They will run circles around you, because their careers are set to burn long and slow.

Certain jobs are hot because employers canít find enough people to do them. They promote this fact, and the teeming hordes of uninspired workers run to get training and certifications. Having invested in all that training, theyíll get burned like moths drawn to a lamp. These are the same people who will be changing careers in a couple of years, chasing the next hot job, because the needs of employers will continue to change.

The best jobs are the ones that you burn for. You see, what really counts is not hot jobs, but hot workers. People who sweat blood to be the best in their field. People who can make a difference in their jobs. People who can grow to be recognized as experts.

Obviously, you donít want to pick a dead-end career. But, how hot you are matters much more than whatís hot today, because itís your passion and interest in your career that will make you burn long and bright. Your competition will simply burn out.  























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