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65. Do you write your phone number on bathroom walls?
When's the last time you posted your resume online, or emailed confidential information about yourself to a company or headhunter you don't know?

Here are a few things that can happen when you post your resume online:

  • Your boss might find it, either because he's looking to hire someone and stumbles upon it, or because he's got someone out there "spying" for employees' resumes.
  • A recruiter might find it and circulate it to thousands of employers under her "electronic letterhead", claiming a fee if a company hires you -- even though you don't want to work through a recruiter.
  • Multiple recruiters might, unbeknownst to you, pluck your resume and send it to companies you're applying to on your own. Now these companies face the problem of a potential "fee fight" with a recruiter if they hire you. Some companies will just drop you rather than risk the fight.
  • Those same recruiters might all send your resume to a company you'd really like to work for, with the result that the company is left wondering why you're so desperately seeking a job through so many recruiters. There goes your reputation.
  • A year down the road, once you're happily working at a new job, your new boss might find your old resume online and call you on the carpet. You'll have to explain that it's an old resume that's still floating around. (Lots of resume sites never "clean house", so resumes linger.) Good luck.

If you think there's not much risk in publishing personal information about yourself on the Net, ask yourself, When was the last time you wrote your name, phone number and address on a bathroom wall? Both practices demean and devalue you and put you at potentially enormous risk.

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