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71. How to avoid a "bait and switch" job offer.
There's a new reason people are changing jobs: they get hired to do one thing, but are assigned to do something else. Nothing takes the bloom off the rose like finding out you're expected to make the coffee (it happened to a new manager) or that the design engineering job is really customer support. These are extreme situations, but many people find themselves performing tasks unrelated to their job descriptions. While we all know that job descriptions change and evolve, it's something else when you never get to do the job you were hired for.

Protect yourself before you accept a job. . . Know what to ask for before you accept any job offer. . .

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How to avoid a "bait and switch" job offer
is now an enhanced section of
Ask The Headhunter

Fearless Job Hunting

Book Nine: Be The Master of Job Offers

Myth-Busting Answers For Fearless Job Hunters:

  • The company rescinded the offer!
  • Non-Compete: Did I really agree to that?
  • Am I unwise to accept their first offer?
  • Can I use salary surveys to goose up the offer?
  • The bird-in-the-hand rule of job offers
  • Juggling job offers
  • Give us the pay stub
  • Vacation Time: What's good for the goose
  • How do I decide between two offers?
  • How to decline an offer
  • Does a counter-offer include pay-back?
  • Am I stuck with this non-compete agreement?
  • How do I ensure the job offer matches the job?
  • How to avoid a "bait and switch" job offer

PLUS: 3 How to Say It tips
PLUS: 4 sidebars packed with advice to give you the insider's edge!

Book Nine: Be The Master
of Job Offers


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