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Q  "Re-entering the job market"
After 16 years of putting my career on hold to stay at home and raise the children, I want to re-enter the job market. I have a BBA with a marketing major and was very successful with a major retailer then an insurance company before exchanging reports for diapers. Not hard you might say: many companies are realizing how valuable people like me can be. Well, there is one more item -- I am not the typical housewife because I am the the housedad. I am having a very difficult time, any help?

A  Whether you're a dad or a mom, the 16 years away from your specialty will make re-entry a challenge. Before you even consider interviewing, you need to identifiy and approach managers in the companies where you want to work with this goal: advice. Don't ask for a job. Ask for insight, opinions and suggestions on how you might be valuable to an employer.

Next, you need to demonstrate you're serious. I'm looking at this from the employer's standpoint: you've been "away" for 16 years, and you have some "proving" to do. If you must, volunteer to help out at a company where you really want to work but where you can't get hired. "Let me show you what I can do" might get you in the door. Offer to work for a week for no pay -- even if you don't get hired, you'll get grounded on what the work is all about today.

Please read my articles on Ask the Headhunter -- they'll give you an idea of how things have changed, and they'll give you an edge. You should also get a copy of my book -- either buy it or borrow it from your library. If you've raised kids, you can win a good job. Step by step.

By the way, don't spend any time in your interviews explaining how unusual it is for a man to raise kids for 16 years. I think it's great, but no one will want to hear it. Focus on the job at hand, and how you're going to do it profitably. That's what'll get you hired.

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