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Q  "Finding the right one"
I am a regional sales manager for a fortune 500 consumer products company. I would like to make the "jump" to senior management. The headhunters I have spoken to are seeking candidates for middle management positions like my own.

I would appeciate a list of at least 5 senior managment/executive recruitiers I could speak with about my desires for such a position. Can you help.


A  Sorry, I don't recommend specific headhunters. Headhunters just don't work that way. If I knew you and your abilities personally, I might have reason to talk to another headhunter about you. But only if s/he was working on an assignment for which you'd be right. But please understand something -- and it's not an effort to put you off: headhunters don't pay much attention to unsolicited candidates. They're being paid by their clients to identify and recruit specific people for specific jobs. It's not their business to help anyone find a job.

The only useful way I know to try to get a headhunter's attention is described in my article Finding A Good Headhunter. But even that is no assurance you'll get to the right headhunter.

Please -- don't rely on anyone to find you a job. The whole reason for this forum and for the articles I've published on these pages (see The Basics and The Headhunter Articles in particular) is to help people be their own headhunter. You really can do it for yourself. There's no magic to it. But it's a lot of hard work. If it were easy, headhunters wouldn't charge companies 20%-35% of a hire's salary to fill a position. Would you pay that much for a job? If you would, there'd be a market for "the job hunter's headhunter". But there's not. You have to do the work yourself, and it ain't easy. But it's worth it.

I hope I've been able to clear some things up for you.

The Headhunter


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