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Q  "Showing off?"
Thanks a lot for your previous advice. I started my new job and I believe I made an impression on the controller because I showed him how to use some new software. Because I have been a contractor, and used to work for a major corporation, I think things can be done better. Though I have been here for only two days, I spoke to the controller about my ideas, but he suggested I wait for my boss. Do you think it's better to cool down till I understand the process, or should I ignore the process because I might get complacent?

My boss comes back in a few days. My instinct tells me to learn the new software and let other things come secondary. What do you think?

A  You're very welcome. I'd "settle in" for a while. Learn how new ideas are handled. Learn which people are supportive and which are not. Find out how your boss regards change. Learn the best ways to approach him. (There are more wrong ways than right ones.)

You'll get complacent only if you let yourself. Keep considering your good ideas. Then approach your new boss with suggestions once you've developed a relationship with him.

In any new job, you need to demonstrate how you fit into the organization. This means being open to change yourself. In my book I discuss The Four Questions. One of them is, "Can you demonstrate that you can do the work the way your employer wants it done?"

Prove that to your boss first. That will build his trust in you. Then he should be willing to listen to your suggestions.

Bottom line: it's every employee's responsibility to help his employer be more successful and profitable. Good for you for wanting to make this kind of contribution. But be aware that there's a right way and a wrong way to contribute; a right time and a wrong time.

I think you're going in the right direction. Your instincts are right. Wait a bit.

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