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Q  "First day"
Finally landed a job I like, and the pay is not bad. Though they offered me $5K more than my minimum, I believe I undersold myself salary-wise. But the experience for me will be awesome. Thanks for your advice.

Now, though am scheduled to start on a Monday, they would prefer if I can start earlier, say on a Friday instead of Monday. In such a situation, would it be appropriate to dress casual?

Secondly, any advice for success on new job? Thanks again.

A  You're quite welcome. Thanks for sharing your success. Congrats on the new job. But don't get too busy second-guessing yourself. It's easy to do that on your first day - but it's better to take a breather and focus on enjoying your new job and on "fitting yourself in".

Don't sweat the salary if you think it's the right job. There's no way to know how much more you could have gotten at this point. And an increase above your minimum is a great sign. Start work enthused!

I'm assuming you know for a fact that Friday is casual day at this company. Regardless of that, as in interviews, the best rule in my opinion is to show up the first day dressed as you would for any other important day at work. If everyone else is dressed casual, you may get a few funny looks, but your attire is also telling people that you respect their choosing to hire you by showing up dressed for business. If they goof on you a bit, go along with it and blame me: "Okay -- I'll tell my headhunter he was wrong. I should have worn shorts and holey sneakers."

<< Secondly, any advice for success on new job.>>

Yep. Like I said, be enthusiastic on your first day. Let people know you're thrilled to be working there. People make judgments based on first impressions -- make a positive one on your first day. It may seem a little corny, but people react well to someone new who's genuinely glad to be on board.

Other advice: use the same approach to doing your job that you did to win it. Focus on the work each day, on how you can contribute to profitability and success, and on doing the job the way the company likes it done. Too many people go to work each day because they have to, and it shows. Let yourself become part of the team - enjoy being a bit of a "newbee". Let the troops show you the ropes; they'll enjoy it, and you'll learn a lot. Go to work to do the work the best way you know how, and you'll be an outstanding employee. The rewards will stem from that.

Congrats again!

Nick The Headhunter


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