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Q  "Took the wrong job: now what?
Help, I just took a lateral move (VP level) to a new company with the promise to move up to my "dream job" within the next two years. Problem is now that I'm here, I've found the business to be in trouble and my new boss and peers to be uninspired in doing something about it. Should I stay the old "one year" period or should I just realize the mistake and look now?

A  If you're convinced you're wasting your time and your work history is solid, don't waste your time. The shift needn't hurt your ability to win the next job.

Just make sure you've taken a hard look at what you might be able to accomplish if you stick around. Company management may view you as part of the solution, if you'll just take the bull by the horns. You don't need permission to fix a broken company. You need to take a risk. How you assess that risk is up to you.

One lesson you shouldn't miss: never join a company until you've looked under the rug. You should have learned what you know now before you accepted the position. Ask yourself how you can avoid learning this lesson again. My suggestion: study The Four Questions in my book. (You'll find a synopsis in my Tom Peters interview.)

I wish you the best.

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