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How to qualify a recruiting call
By Nick Corcodilos

Part 2

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Sweet songs turn sour.
How could an otherwise thoughtful, smart person make such a mistake? Well, the employment system fosters this kind of behavior because we're taught that employment decisions are ultimately made by employers. That's why we're willing to mail out resumes and wait to be called; it's why we fill out demeaning applications, go on the interview and then wait eagerly by the phone. People are brainwashed to believe that when the employer plays the hiring tune, we dance, whether it's our song or not because who can turn away? This, after all, is our objective. To be wanted. To be hired.

Nonsense. Our objective is to stay the course and to go where our judgment guides us; to progress toward our lofty goals, no matter how much hard work it takes not to be sidetracked by some company's idea of where we should park our boats for a while.

Learn to ignore flattery when it appears in the garb of the recruiter or the employer. Don't allow an employer who called you out of the blue to tug your boat to some seemingly welcoming shore. Don't fall into the interview process just because it's there.

When an employer or recruiter comes to you, automatically step back, no matter how good the deal sounds. Don't even perk up your ears, because much of the time it's the career equivalent of a telemarketer trying to sell you a timeshare vacation. If you're going to take the call, take control, too. Make it clear that they have to prove something before you do. This in itself will result in most recruiters or employers hanging up, which is what you want. If they won't be drawn to your tack, let them go, because they're not going your direction.

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Never relinquish the wheel: keep control

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