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How Can I Change Careers?
"Corcodilos' two new guides are a welcome remin-der that career change during a recession does not have to be scary. It can also be exhilarating. Both books offer a treasure trove of advice in an easy-to-read Q&A format about how to take better control of your own career, regardless of the economic climate."             - The Seattle Times

Keep Your Salary Under Wraps
"I love Nick's new Keep Your Salary Under Wraps. It worked for me. Despite the headhunter and the company insisting I disclose what I was getting paid at my old job, I stuck to my guns and I was able to DOUBLE my salary. That would have never happened in a million years if I had caved!"
                                                      - Bernie Dietz

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Nick Corcodilos taught a series of lessons based on How Can I Change Careers?
at Cornell University's Johnson School of Management. One participant used what he learned
from Nick's presentation in a job interview soon afterwards. Here's what he had to say:

"The hiring manager more or less offered me the position on the spot and indicated a salary range that is roughly 40-50% more than I make now. Your two biggest lessons (at least for me) at work in the flesh: Never divulge my current salary, and Talk about what I will do, not what I've done. They oughta make you a Cornell professor! I can already see that the one hour you spent with us will have as much impact on my MBA ROI as any class that I have taken in the program, if not more so."
                                                                                           Rich Mok

How Can I Change Careers?

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How Can I
Change Careers?

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Keep Your Salary
Under Wraps

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