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"Corcodilos maps out a practical plan for job seekers to find the exact job they want, not just chase the 'hot jobs' that everyone is talking about."
                                                        - The Seattle Times

You can't afford not to know how to change careers. This 36-page Answer Kit is a must-have if you want to stand out when changing careers or when changing jobs! Show any employer why hiring you will pay off!

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How Can I Change Careers?
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By Nick Corcodilos
North Bridge Press

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"Cutting through the latest buzz words, How Can I Change Careers? offers real world advice that works in any economy. Whether you are changing careers or jobs, the principles laid out in this book should form the basis of your approach. It's well-written and easy to understand. As always, the advice is spot on!"
Kathy Simmons
CEO, Netshare


"Nick Corcodilos is the brutally honest, forthright and insightful headhunter who serves up tough love to job seekers while taking job boards and others to the woodshed."
US News
& World Report 


"I already recommend Ask The Headhunter to every-one who goes through our program and I will definitely recommend Nick's new How Can I Change Careers!"

Chris Walker
Training and Placement Specialist
Mature Services, Inc.


"Nick's advice on career changing is the best. As part of my preparation to teach job search and self-marketing, I've been all over the field, and nobody else can compare to Nick in his clarity and the effectiveness of his methods."
Phil Hey
Professor & Careers Consultant
Briar Cliff University


Who is Nick?

How Can I
Change Careers?

The new Answer Kit
From Ask The Headhunter

Myth-busting answers
for fearless job hunters

Fast Company magazine calls it
"A new book chock full of tips for the thorniest of job-hunting problems."

It's not just for career changers...
It's for anyone who wants to stand out in a job interview.
Learn how to prove to an employer
that you would be a profitable hire.

"Nick Corcodilos is an undisputed subject matter expert and thought leader in the job search space... many thousands of people have read and benefited from his work and his perspective."      Jason Alba
                                                                                  CEO, JibberJobber

Nick talks about changing careers:

"Where does your future lie? What's your next career? How will you show an employer that you're worth hiring?

"The economy is still in a massive upheaval. It's not just jobs that are disappearing—careers are at risk.

"Deciding what to do next with your work life is a challenge like no other. It's a problem that Ask The Headhunter readers write to me about every week.

"That's why I created an Answer Kit to help you tackle the life-changing challenge, How Can I Change Careers?

"I've discussed this topic extensively over the past 15 years on Ask The Headhunter. It's a challenge that readers return to all the time, and especially now, in today's highly volatile economy."

"Now I've brought together the best ideas I've ever shared—and I've honed and expanded these strategies and tips to help you change careers successfully."

How Can I Change Careers? This new 36-page Answer Kit includes revised and expanded versions of some of Nick's most powerful how-to articles, integrated into a Kit that works like a career utility knife:
  • Q&A: How can I change careers?

  • Taking a Salary Cut to Change Careers

  • The Library Vacation

  • Put a Free Sample in Your Resume

  • A Good Network Is a Circle of Friends

"I was taking a shotgun approach to education, adding more skills without really assessing what my target companies care about first. You've nailed it again. Based on your advice, I (re)read your How Can I Change Careers and renewed my efforts to reach out to folks already working at these companies. The results have been impressive. A couple of these folks are already looking to create positions within their organizations that specifically fit the skills I already have. Thanks so much. You've got another lifelong fan."  Jeff Harris

Chock full of the no-holds-barred advice that Ask The Headhunter is famous for, this Answer Kit will show you how to:

  • Identify & evaluate career options

  • Invest in career change, rather than chase job listings

  • Make choices that motivate you to perform exceptionally

  • Meet the people who will introduce you to your new career

  • Open doors with a sample of your ability to deliver profit

  • Get priceless guidance from people you want to work with

  • Turn your resume into a polished business plan that tells employers, "Helping me change careers will pay off for you!"

Nick Corcodilos started headhunting in California's ultra-competitive Silicon Valley in 1979 and is host of the acclaimed Ask The Headhunter website. With this provocative new Answer Kit, Nick continues the contrarian, candid Q&A he started online in 1995. Nick invites "fearless job hunters" to listen in as he teaches how to earn respect for what you know, and how to learn what makes employers tick—and reveals how to demonstrate that you'll bring profit to a company's bottom line if they hire you.

Learn how to:
  • Make the commitment to an employer that justifies getting hired into a brand new career!

  • Hang out with insiders—get invited into the inner circles of business people who hire who they know!

  • Pursue what drives you to become the most forceful and compelling candidate an employer meets.

  • Show an employer why hiring you will pay off.

  • Apply your motivation and thoughtful planning to earn a place ahead of your more experienced competitors.

  • Persuade employers that you can do the job, change careers successfully—and help them hire you!

Learn why employers respond best when you demonstrate your value. Why be a wannabe with a cookie-cutter resume when you can deliver a business plan for a successful new career?

How Can I Change Careers? This new 36-page Answer Kit tells you how, through a series of lessons that address the key obstacles to success.

5 top-level sections and a concise summary start you off and keep you on track to success! Check the Table of Contents!

"One of the hardest things about dealing with the issues of transition is trying to make some sense out of something that leaves many of us with the feeling of being caught in a maze and continually running into dead ends... My suggestion is to check out Nick's latest which he calls "an answer kit" that carries the title of (as you might guess) How Can I Change Careers? This is a 36 page PDF crammed with answers on this tricky challenge."

Dave Opton

BONUS: A 2-page crib sheet that by itself will blow up everything you thought you knew about job hunting and career change!

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How Can I Change Careers?

Nick Corcodilos's new Answer Kit for job changers!
Plan to make your career change successful! 
How Can I Change Careers? | Answer Kit - $16.95.


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