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Moving on to a new job?

  Need to resign?

Considering a counter-offer?

  Facing an exit interview?

Do you know how to leave your job...
without hurting your career?

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By Nick Corcodilos
North Bridge Press

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8.5X11, 73 pages.
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"This is like reading a high-priced consultant's report to discover the "BFO" (blinding flash of the obvious). A lot of what you write makes absolute sense. It's intuitive (dare I say innate) and yet so many of us continue to follow traditional HR dogma when searching for work. Shame."
Bill Hiltz

"After the first time I read your book and applied your strategies, I switched industries and was able to increase my skills, and received over a 50% increase in my salary. Since then I re-read your book when I need clarity and focus. Thank you!"
Roberto Amaya

"At my age (57), common wisdom says that I should not have been able to get re-hired. After 6 months of looking I have obtained a new contract. In the whole process, Ask The Headhunter has been far and away the best resource I had."
Phil Singer

"Nick, you probably know that you are the one writer in the country (or the world) that I never disagree with. You hit all the notes that I have been crying 'alarm' about since 1970 myself. You are uncannily on target, all the time. God bless your work, as always."
Dick Bolles, Author
What Color Is Your Parachute?

"I am a retired USAF officer who just got furloughed out of four years with Northwest Airlines. I feel like I have just cut through a thunderstorm and found smooth air and bright sunshine on the other side. Thanks!"
Jack Elliott

"Just a note to let you know that your job seeking advice is pure gold. Nice to see somebody cut through the morass with intelligence."
Gary Deines

"I've been in HR for most of my career: 20+ years. Your audience should be aware that your ideas are right on the money!"

Sonya Rolls

Who is Nick?

How to leave your job
Nick's newest Answer Kit helps you
leave your job and make your
next move on your own terms!

How to make contacts that can lead you to a new job! 

Parting company is a risky rite of passage. Whether you
were fired, downsized, quit your job, or are considering
moving on—make your next move successfully!

  • Do you know how to resign?

  • How do you know when it's time to go?

  • When should you tell your boss you're leaving?

  • Should you agree to an exit interview?

  • Did getting fired shatter your self-confidence?

Parting Company is about moving on confidently—on your terms!

  • Should you accept a "package" to quit your job voluntarily?

  • What's the truth about counter-offers? Should you accept one?

  • How can you prepare for the shock of a downsizing?

  • Is outplacement going to extend your unemployment?

  • How do you explain to an employer why you left your old one?

Don't leave any job without being in total control!

"The great news about your recommendations is that they work. The good news for those of us who use them is that few people are really willing to implement what you recommend, giving those of us who do an edge." Ray Stoddard


Parting Company | How to leave your job

Check out the Table Of Contents!

"Subscribers keep asking me for an Answer Kit about a topic no one else will talk to them about: resigning, quitting and getting fired. I've organized and expanded the best Q&A and how-to advice from Ask The Headhunter into a new Answer Kit: Parting Company | How to leave your job.
- Nick Corcodilos


Resign Yourself To Resigning Right
The Truth About Counter-Offers
Getting Fired Is A State of Mind
The Wall Says It's Time to Go
  Exit Interviews: Just Say No
  Outplacement Or Door #2
  Stand Up To Downsizing
  Learn To Move On
. . .And much, much more!
  • 73 pages of answers about how to leave your job fearlessly
    whether you were fired, quit, or are considering making a move..

  • Sidebars that reveal:
    • Why getting fired is more about your employer than about you.

    • What HR managers really think of exit interviews.

    • When and how a lawyer might save you money and agony.

    • How to judge counter-offers -- and when to say NO.

    • Why and how exit interviews put you at unnecessary risk.

  • How to Say It examples
    • The words you need to defend getting fired.

    • How to explain why you want a new employer.

    • What to say when you're quitting—and what not to say.

    • How—and who— to ask whether it's worth staying at
      your company.

The Parting Company Crib Sheet!

"The HR department has an exit process—for their benefit and for yours. But mostly for theirs. Don't put yourself at unnecessary risk when you leave any employer— whether you quit or get fired. I compiled this 7-page Crib Sheet of insider tips and advice from the best HR professionals I know. Take the high road when you move on—and keep yourself out of trouble!" 
- Nick Corcodilos

  • BONUS!
    After revealing how to part company on your terms, Nick 
    leaves you with suggestions about how to succeed when you
    join a new company! Includes an mp3 audio lesson about
    how to open doors to new opportunities!

Start A Job On The Right Foot
Panic Attack: Your First Day on The Job
How to make contacts that can
lead you to a new job!

Take a look at Parting Company! Be prepared to leave any job on your own terms!

Table Of Contents


Whether you got fired, quit your job, or are considering a move,
Parting Company on your own terms is key to your future success!

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$26.95 US

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Do you know how to leave your job fearlessly?

Resign with confidence.
> Apply for new jobs without fear.
> Take control of parting company to protect your future!

Don't panic or blow it when Parting Company! Can you afford not to know how to leave your job? Just $26.95. Get the edge now!


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