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In Ask the Headhunter Nick delivers a comprehensive dose of his contrarian job-hunting advice, culled during a career as a Silicon Valley headhunter.

Nick's approach has won fans from job-seekers and hiring managers alike. Here are some samples:

"A radical approach to help job hunters win job offers and a powerful hiring tool for employers."
Tom Peters

"Explodes the myths about job hunting. Beware, this isn't a traditional guide to unloading resumes. This is a new approach to winning job offers. We got it, read it, and liked it. A lot."
David Gardner, The Motley Fool

"Thanks! I start Monday as the Manager of Environmental Safety & Health for Intel’s Oregon site (five campuses, 10,000 employees doing R&D and manufacturing). I got the job – with your help! I’m excited and grateful."
James A. Wick, Intel

"A real eye-opener, should be a ‘must read’ for everyone! Wish I had it 20 years ago! I have given your book to my executive operating group – finding talented individuals is our single greatest challenge."
Mary Ann Boyle, Sr. VP, Marriott Int'l

"How to turn an interview around... undermines the traditional way to get a job... a radically different approach for job-hunters everywhere."
The London Times

"Myth-busting. Before you make a mad dash for the exit, check in with The Headhunter."
Fast Company

Read more comments about Nick's book and methods in Thank You, Masked Man.

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"When you shoot one thousand resumes through the mail or across the internet, you have no control over who will read them or who will respond to you (if anyone). Could there even be one thousand jobs you would actually want? Start your job search the same way you start your work day: with an assessment of exactly what work the employer needs done... Then, when you meet the employer, don't wait for anyone to prod you: do the job, right there in the interview. Because if you don't, the candidate I coached will."

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Foreign Editions

We welcome the newest edition of Ask The Headhunter, published by China Machine Press in the People's Republic of China. When we find out how you can order it online, we'll post a link!

The Taiwan edition of Ask The Headhunter is published in complex Chinese by Commonwealth Publishing. Click here to order direct from the publisher. (You may need to download a Chinese character set to your browser to view the order page properly.)

The European edition of Nick's book was named Book of The Month on London's Internet Book Shop. "Strong stuff", says Financial Times. "Subversive", says London Times. How British, says The Headhunter. Published by Nicholas Brealey Books of London. To order the UK edition click here (or on the logo) and search for Ask The Headhunter on Internet Book Shop.

braziledition.gif (7877 bytes) The Brazilian edition of Ask The Headhunter is, of course, in Portuguese: Seja seu próprio Headhunter. Published by Futura of  São Paolo, 1998. To order the Brazil edition click here (or on the logo) and search for Author=Corcodilos on Livraria Cultura.


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