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In its March 1996 issue, Working Woman magazine featured an article by consultant/author/columnist Nancy Austin about issues women face in job interviews -- both as job hunters and as hiring managers.

Nancy expanded on some of the key ideas in The New Interview Instruction Book (title of the first edition of Ask The Headhunter), and she stirred a huge response. As a result, I received hundreds of phone calls from professional women -- and a few sheepish men -- eager to talk more about this controversial subject. If you're not one of the million+ people who read Nancy's article when it came out, then you're in luck. Nancy has kindly granted us permission to reprint her article, The New Job Interview: Beyond The Trick Question in this forum.

It was the tremendous response to Nancy's article that prompted us to create this Ask The Headhunter Special Forum: Women & Interviews. The forum includes a collection of articles commissioned specially for this feature, and it culminates with a chat we conducted with the authors. The chat is archived here.

My special guests for this event included three women who exemplify the philosophy of "success on your own terms" in work and life. Each has an engaging message for women (and men, even!) to help them become more powerful (and successful) contributors to the world of commerce and business.

  • Nancy K. Austin is now a Contributing Editor for Inc. Magazine. Although perhaps best-known as Tom Peters's co-author of the management classic A Passion for Excellence, Nancy is also author of The Assertive Woman, the first book on assertiveness just for women (over 400,000 copies in print). Nancy is a busy consultant whose "insider" view of corporate America should not be missed on the chat.

  • Constance A. Gray was, at the time of we produced the forum, Assistant Circuit Executive for Personnel, Training and Public Programs for the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston. She came from a successful career in the commercial world  and went on to help guide new talent into America's legal system using the pragmatic, value-based approach we discuss on Ask The Headhunter.

  • Patricia Bush is the founder and owner of StrataGEMS, a consulting and marketing company based in Sedona, Arizona. Patti is the perfect example of someone who has successfully changed careers several times under the pressure of today's high-tech business climate. All the while taking intelligent risks and addressing the challenge of how to deliver value, Patti shares her insights into what makes employer-employee partnerships work.

But it doesn't end here. Check the menu on this page for additional articles by other professional women who are sharing their sage advice in Women & Interviews.


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