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Articles by Nick Corcodilos

NEW  The Single Best Interview Question... And The Best Answer
Why employers should help job applicants win the job
Free Resume Critiques: The new career-industry racket
How the resume mills use crib sheets to scam you
The Interview, or The Job?
Which are you pursuing?
The Horse's Ass in The Rear-view Mirror
Are headhunters driving away your company's best hires?
The Library Vacation™
Take a hike and change careers.
Due Diligence: Don't take a job without it
Eyes left; eyes right; eyes wide open.
Pursue Companies, Not Jobs
It's the people, Stupid.
How to Perform in a Performance Review
Influence your boss and get a raise.
5 "Sticky" Interview Tactics
The difference between candidates #1 and #2.
Panic Attack: The First Day on The Job
Is it butterflies, or a career disaster?
Getting Fired Is A State of Mind
You won't get hired if you act fired.
Starting A Job on The Right Foot
Focus on the obvious, because it's not.
Learning To Move On
Bad money, good money, and the right choices.
Taking Back The 40 Hour Work Week
Manage your work, your time and your boss.
Talent Shortage, Or Poor Management?
Overly-narrow job descriptions may be killing your company.
Outsmart The Employment System
Take control.
How to Beat The Stress Interview
Know how to push back.
So, You Want to Be A Headhunter?
There's no book you can read, no school to attend.
The Truth About Speeding Trains
Don't assume that a company in a downturn isn't hiring.
Making The Liberal Arts Degree Pay Off
If you don't figure it out, don't expect the employer to.
Juggling Job Offers
Do a reality check.
Take Care of Your References
Just how healthy are they?
Exit Interview, Stage Right
This is one interview opportunity you should always decline.
Breaking Ranks And Rules
How academics can avoid 5 fatal mistakes in the job hunt.
Taking A Salary Cut to Change Careers
One step down, two steps up.
7 Mistakes Internal Recruiters Make
HR recruiters need to work more like headhunters.
Trading Your Job For Venture Funding
Get your ducks in a row before you venture out.
Mentoring & Getting Mentored
It's subversive.
The Recruiting Paradox
Do you send a personnel clerk to do a manager's job?
Avoid The Sirens' Song
How to qualify a recruiting call.
A Good Network Is A Circle of Friends - Part 2
How to initiate "insider" contacts.
A Good Network Is A Circle of Friends - Part 1
There's good networking, and there's rude networking.
Tell 'Em What They Need To Hear
In the end, sycophants finish last.
The Myth of The Last Minute Job Search
Job hunting? Start early.
Yahoo! Chat Transcript
From the live chat on the Yahoo! Career Channel.
Deadly Job-Hunting Assumption #1
They know I want the job.
Deadly Job-Hunting Assumption #2
The job offer fallacy.
The Wall Says It's Time To Go
Recognize the signals for job change.
How To Build Value On Your Resume
This is shineola.
Career Counselors Are Not Headhunters
Don't get burned.
Uncover Hidden Jobs
They're in the companies you want to work for.
How To Start A Job Search
Look where there's light.
Stand Up To Downsizing
Prepare for the worst, just in case.
Resign Yourself To Resigning Right
Flub the resignation, and you flub your career.
Journeyman Or Partner?
Are you doing a job or building a reputation?
Keep Your Salary Under Wraps
Your negotiating edge depends on it.
Ten Stupid Hiring Mistakes
Is your hiring process as effective as you think?
The Right Way To Get Coached
Help your coach help you
Keep A Cool Head In A Hot Job Market
Don't confuse opportunities with choices
The Third Fallacy
Fallacy #3: Don't hunt for a job over the holidays
Peeling The Offer
Did you look beneath the compensation?
Respecting The Candidate
Instructions for employers.
Death By Lethal Reputation
The demise of an employer.
Don't Compete With Yourself
We have seen the enemy, and he is us.
Be Your Own Headhunter
Why trust the System, when you can do it yourself?
Too Old to Rock & Roll?
Age is in your body, in your head and in your deportment
The Job Search Starts at Home
Invest in making your job the right job
Are you the fish, or the fisherman?
The Two Fallacies (part 1)
Fallacy #1: It's a job hunter's market
The Two Fallacies (part 2)
Fallacy #2: Job hunting is a numbers game
The Target, The Target, The Target
Ready, aim, aim!
Put A Free Sample in Your Resume
Give before you expect to receive
How Do I Find A Good Headhunter?
They never talk to strangers
Resume Blasphemy
Break the rules
Forget Personnel Jockeys; Hire Right
An interview with Nick Corcodilos, from Tom Peters' management newsletter. A must for employers.
How To Hire
Transcript of an Ask The Headhunter online chat


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