Looking for a new job? Trying to hire the best talent? Having no luck with your search? America's Employment System is broken and almost everything you know about job hunting and hiring is wrong.

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It's time to throw away your resume or your job description and Ask The Headhunter. Nick Corcodilos is a headhunter, and he's the author of Fearless Job Hunting, How to Work with Headhunters... and how to make headhunters work for you and more myth-busting Answer Kits. And he's here to help you.

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Job Hunting With
The Headhunter: The Basics

1. You're Wrong
Throw out everything you know.
2. The $30,000 Strategy
Use the strategy headhunters do.
3. Job Hunting Skills
Learn what they need, not what you need.
4. Mistakes That Kill
Traps that will sink you before you begin.
5. The New Interview
Sit down, say hello, and deliver profitability.

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Ask any talented job hunter: Did you follow the proper steps in your job search? Of course. What went wrong? I hit an unexpected obstacle.

Success in job hunting isn’t about chasing job postings, sending resumes, and filling out endless online application forms. If any of it worked, you’d have the job you want.

This isn’t rocket science. Once you get it, it’s obvious. Each of the 9 Fearless Job Hunting books shows you how to overcome daunting obstacles that stop other job hunters dead in their tracks. Get the edge -- and say hello to total control over your job search. Order just the books you need, or The Complete Collection.

More about Nick's book...

Forget luck. Forget what "human resources experts" have taught you. It's all bureaucratic bunk. No one wins (or fills) a job by following "the steps" dictated by America’s defunct Employment System.

They succeed by beating the System: By knowing the best way to handle a few make-or-break situations, thereby setting themselves above their competition.

It's time to throw away your resume or your job description and Ask The Headhunter. Nick Corcodilos is a headhunter, and he's the author of How to Work with Headhunters... and how to make headhunters work for you. And he's here to help you.

More about Nick's book...

Since 1995, Nick Corcodilos has been here, online, revealing the fallacies that conspire to keep talented workers and good employers apart—and openly sharing the headhunter’s sound, profitable methods for getting them together.

If you're changing careers—or changing jobs—Nick's Answer Kit: How Can I Change Careers? will show you how. Most job hunters flounder when it's time to make a change. HCICC? teaches you how to get in the door, and how to prove to a demanding employer that hiring you will pay off.

Take it from Nick's Ask The Headhunter audience, fearless job hunters who have been proving his methods work for over a decade: 

More about Nick's book...

"I love Nick's new Answer Kit, Keep Your Salary Under Wraps. It worked for me. Nick gave me the same advice that's in the book when I was negotiating a job offer several years ago. Despite both the headhunter and the company insisting I disclose what I was getting paid at my old job, I stuck to my guns and I was able to DOUBLE my salary. Plus I got a signing bonus. That would have never happened in a million years if I had caved!" —Bernie Dietz

Learn how to say NO when employers demand your salary history, to make them say YES to higher job offers. (Order now and get a special mp3 about salary, from a workshop Nick presented to Cornell's Executive MBA Program!)

None of this easy. If it were, everyone would be changing jobs and careers quickly and successfully. But success—and landing the right job—requires  careful planning, lots of work, and an understanding about why companies hire people. That's what gives you the insider's edge.

This Ask The Headhunter reader says it best:

"The great news about your recommendations is that they work. The good news for those of us who use them is that few people are really willing to implement what you recommend, giving those of us who do an edge." Ray Stoddard

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A message from Nick

Since starting Ask The Headhunter in 1995, I have answered over 30,000 questions about job hunting and hiring—one at a time, in writing, on the Ask The Headhunter discussion board. ATH has grown into a vibrant dialogue with thousands of people who recognize that America's Employment System is broken. They want an edge when job hunting—just as managers want an edge when hiring.

Ask The Headhunter isn't about resumes, interviews or job postings—and it isn't about doing tricks to get jobs. It's about job hunters and employers rolling up their sleeves and demonstrating to one another that there's value in working together.

Each week, in the Ask The Headhunter Newsletter, I share perspectives, methods, and tips to help you be your own headhunter. We tackle the most daunting problems faced by both job hunters and hiring managers, and I do my best to address your questions head-on. The newsletter is delivered via e-mail. It is not archived online. And it's FREE!

Newsletter subscribers can submit their questions to a special e-mail address that comes direct to me. Each week, I personally select the best ones and I answer them in the newsletter.

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Nick Corcodilos       

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Hate it when employers ask you to disclose your salary history? Learn how to say NO... and boost any job offer. Keep Your Salary Under Wraps explains why you should keep your salary confidential, and why it's no one's business. And when the time comes to deal with this thorny situation, Nick tells you How to Say It—firmly, politely, and with authority!

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