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The answer to your question may already be right here in The Headhunter's FAQ... whether you're a job hunter or an employer.
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The thousands of questions I've answered on the Ask The Headhunter message board are all unique, just as each person and situation is. But there are some questions that are on everyone's mind.

No one wins (or fills) a job by following "the steps" dictated by America’s defunct Employment System. Rather, they succeed by beating the System: by knowing the best way to handle a few make-or-break situations, thereby setting themselves above their competition. The purpose of this FAQ is to give you that edge.

Lots of ATH readers scroll through the Ask The Headhunter message board to glean helpful tips. Some readers just like to see what challenges or problems others encounter. Most people just want to get some advice they can use right now.

To make it easier for you to find what you need without making you post a question or wade through all the postings, I'm happy to provide some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and my answers. I hope you'll find these helpful.

Each category in the FAQ includes one or more (sometimes many more) specific topics. The questions are yours -- they come right off the message board. Thanks for your contributions to everyone's knowledge (including mine)!

I will regularly scour the Q&A to add more categories and topics to this list. (If a FAQ you'd like to see is missing, please drop a note and request it.) The Ask The Headhunter Q&A data base is huge -- please bear with me.

My goal is to make Ask The Headhunter the one place online where you can get a real edge on job search and hiring no matter what problem or challenge you're facing. Thanks for your participation!

For more help with your job search, see my book and the article collections and features on the Ask The Headhunter home page.

Happy hunting!

Nick Corcodilos
Ask The Headhunter


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