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By Nick Corcodilos

"Hidden jobs" are hidden only from people who have their heads stuck in the want ads and Internet job postings. You will identify the jobs no one else knows about by actively and doggedly investigating the companies you want to work in — not by waiting for them to come to you.

Select, don’t settle.
Start by picking one target company. Does it seem odd to pick a company rather than job openings? It won’t when you realize that the best jobs aren’t hidden in the ads; they’re hidden in the companies you want to work for. Your challenge is to dig into those companies and ferret out the jobs...

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Uncover Hidden Jobs
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Fearless Job Hunting

Book Three: Get in The Door (way ahead of your competition)

Myth-Busting Answers For Fearless Job Hunters:

  • Where do jobs really come from?
  • Uncover hidden jobs
  • It's the people, Stupid
  • Drop the ads and pick up the phone
  • Shared Experiences: Path to success
  • Pest or manager's dream?
  • Searching for a top job confidentially
  • Don't provide references - launch them!
  • I don't know anybody!

PLUS: 5 How to Say It tips
PLUS: 8 sidebars packed with advice to give you the insider's edge!

Book Three: Get in The Door
(way ahead of your competition)


"Nick Corcodilos is the brutally honest, forthright and insightful headhunter who serves up tough love to job seekers while taking job boards and others to the woodshed."  U.S. News & World Report


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